We have simply thought of everything

Our range of submersed pumpt has been designed to meet all the needs related to the pumping, treatment and movement of waste waters and clear waters, and all situations in which the water used contains solid residues.

The deifferent types of submersed pumps, linked to the wide range of accessories available, ensure high performance and verstility of use.

The emptying of wells, garages and cellars or the lifting of rain/waste waters, Industrial applications of irrigation of gardens and orchards require different technical and construction characteristics. Our Submersed pumps offer the most suitable technical solutions for different needs ensuring the best possible performance for the specific application and ensuring high reliability of operation.

The flexability and manageability of the smaller models allows their use in fixed or mobile applicaions. The vortex impellers, single or semi-open, those equipped with a cutter and those with a grinder-type shredder, allows the treatement black water with the presense of solid or filamentous substances.

The accessories available for the different models, such as the magnetic float for the clear water or the minimum suction device up to 3mm allow completion of the functions of the pumps increasingly adapting to the demands of different uses.